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Dr. Mike McDaniel

Dr. Mike McDaniel

– James R. McDaniel Endowed Scholarship in Communication Disorders

Dr. Mike McDaniel's father, James R. (Jim) McDaniel, was born January 17, 1898, in Shugtown, Ark. The oldest of seven children from a rural agrarian family, his work ethic was instilled at a young age. He and his wife, Edith Cole McDaniel, moved to Jonesboro in the late spring of 1948. Edith took a teaching position with the Jonesboro Public Schools where she taught for 47 years, and Jim soon was employed within the Athletic Department at Arkansas State College where he worked until his retirement.

Jim received little formal education due, in large part, to a profound hearing impairment dating back to his early childhood. He was able to communicate through a combination of gestures, notes, lip reading, powerful hearing aids and interpretation provided by Edith. Jim was an avid bird hunter and fisherman. He loved baseball and, like his dad before him and his son after him, he was a lifelong Cardinals fan. Jim's disability was never a handicap for him and he managed to live life with a smile and a nod.

Mr. McDaniel was pleased when Mike chose to become an audiologist. During his graduate training at both the master's and doctoral level, he was always providing insights into the world of the hearing impaired. Some of the education he provided Mike was threaded through his dissertation. Mike deems it a privilege to honor his father through this endowment in recognition of his contribution to communication disorders and, more specifically, audiology and adult aural rehabilitation.